Portuguese Octopus

Sustainably sourced from what is considered the best octopus harvest area of the world- Fao 34 Coast of North Africa.


Sustainably sourced from the world's best octopus harvest area- Fao 34 Coast of North Africa. This octopus comes from artisanal fishing techniques, which use clay pots to produce higher quality catches with little to no effect on the environment. This technique wastes less and less stress on fish populations than traditional fishing techniques.

Products Details

  • Octopus comes in its natural state
  • Great with any preparation such as grilled, boiled, blanched, and more
  • Great for rice dishes like paella, arroz caldoso, sauces, and aioli's
  • Rich with antioxidants and other health benefits

Sourced by the Best

North Africa's coast is known for its upstanding waters and icy waves. These conditions are ideal for octopus fishing, making the region home to one of the most sought-after varieties in the world.

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