Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sourced from the pristine, high-altitude Famatina Valley, our premium extra-virgin Arbequina olive oil is composed of three unique varietals to provide incredible flavor & consistency for many culinary applications.


Harvested sustainability and ethically in the pristine, high-altitude Famatina Valley in the shadow of the Andes Mountains, our premium extra-virgin Arbequina olive oil is composed of a unique blend of varietals. Picual olives provide brightness & spice, Barnea olives add sweetness, and Arauco olives enhance the outstanding taste & texture.

Products Details

  • Desert-like terroir leads to unique expressions of the olive varietals
  • Olives are picked directly from the tree at the optimum ripening stage and then rapidly processed in our mill
  • No pesticides are used or needed to raise olives in the unique climate and sandy topsoil of the Famatina Valley

Sourced by the Best

For modern-day pioneer and Valle de La Puerta founder, Julian Clusellas, taking care of the land has become a way of life. He has built a vast complex of verdant vineyards and olive groves in a remote desert landscape that once stood utterly barren. Valle de la Puerta employs over three hundred people on a two-thousand-hectare property filled with vines and trees planted by Julian's own hands.

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