Cinco Jotas Ibérico Pork

Raised in the rich meadows of Jabugo in southwest Spain, WorldClass brings you the unforgettable flavors of Iberian pork products, created with artisan production methods that have been developed over 140 years.


Widely considered the best gourmet pork in the world, Cinco Jotas acorn-fed Jamón Ibérico is Spain’s national treasure.

Products Details

• 100% Black Label which certifies acorn-fed
• Pigs are raised free-range from the age of 4 months with 1.89 acres of pasture space dedicated to each pig
• Ham is cured meticulously for approximately 3-4 years
• Dry-cured hams follow an intense process of traditional, artisan curing in centuries old curing cellars
• Ideal serving temperature between 64-72º F.

Sourced by the Best

Cinco Jotas Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Ham is a product of nature, created in perfect conditions and an ideal environment in Spain. Because of its topography, South-west Spain is the region that provides the best environment for breeding ibérico pigs. Our pigs enjoy freedom, roaming the open fields and eating natural foods.

For five generations, the people of Jabugo have passed down their rich cultural heritage to Cinco Jotas. The tradition remains a part of life for many people, as the trades learned from previous generations have been passed down through generations. Through this time, the curing process has remained as is. The long, elaborate process of raising the pigs and curing their meat makes acorn-fed ibérico ham so special. Each Cinco Jotas ham is a result of years devoted to developing and mastering their craft.

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