Azores Fruit Jams

Sourced sustainably and in small batches from the beautiful Azores Islands in Portugal. Hidden hundreds of miles away from pollution, these untroubled islands are home to some of the most incredible flowers and fruits, which can naturally grow in abundance on these gorgeous islands.


The elegance of light yet sweet flavors come together miraculously in our jams. The artisanal production that carefully curates each jam makes the taste so out of this world.

Products Details

  • Sustainable Farming of Fruits
  • Produced In Clean, Unpolluted Soil
  • Sourced from a fruit farmer cooperative dedicated to growing regional fruit
  • Made with traditional homemade recipes

Sourced by the Best

The Andes region of South America is home to one of the most diverse food systems in the world. Adapting traditional farming techniques, indigenous farmers in this area cultivate a wide range of crops and other livestock native to the region. This diversity helps preserve native plant species and improves soil quality. The crops and livestock from this region are more nutritious than those grown at lower altitudes, have fewer health problems, and develop better in the high-altitude environment.

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