Argentine Beef

Argentine beef’s unique flavor comes from muscle rather than fat. Our British heritage breed cattle are fed on pampas grass and finished on soy and corn. The most prized imported beef globally, rated only second to Wagu in Japan, Argentine beef is available at an accessible price point.


Our British cattle, Black Angus and Hereford, herds are raised with the same time-honored traditions Gauchos have practiced for over 300 years. The cattle are free to roam the lush pastures of the Pampas for over 18 months, creating a more ethical and sustainable meat rich with flavor. At WorldClass, our quality protocol guarantees the breed's purity, the steer's age, and the meat's quality.

Products Details

  • Argentine Beef is known worldwide for its high-quality & rich flavor
  • For the third consecutive year, WorldClass Argentine Beef suppliers were awarded two gold medals for their tenderloin and ribeye cuts in 2022
  • Beef is sourced from Black Angus Certified British cattle breeds
  • The founders of our partner supply company, icons in the Argentine cattle industry, contribute 70% of the cattle from their personally owned lands. Their network of other high-quality boutique providers yields the remaining 30%
  • Cattle are raised free-range on Las Pampas grasses for 18 months using traditional gaucho traditions, resulting in ethical and sustainable meat high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids
  • Cattle are finished on grain to maximize flavor and marbling
  • Cattle are never given antibiotics or growth hormones
  • The Beef slaughter house is owned by the producer and uses with state of the art equipment and meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations
  • Beef is graded using a computer vision system that precisely judges the meat for fat thickness, yield grade, marbling, and color ensuring all beef cuts meet the WorldClass standards
  • Halal certified by the Islamic Center of Argentina

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