Atamisqui Honey

Have you ever heard of rainforest honey from a rare white flower?

It is one of the most unique kinds of honey in the world. It has a liquid consistency, a delicate flavor, and is very soft on the palate. Its exact point of sweetness and smoothness makes it ideal for all kinds of culinary applications.

This honey is famous for its light flavor and soft texture. Its taste is sweet with citrus notes, making it very different from other honey varieties.

It is also called "white-flower honey" because it comes from the plant Capparis atamisquea, which has white flowers.

So, what is this honey called?

Atamisqui honey!

Atamisqui honey has been carefully produced through many years of work, study, and observation of nature. This unique variety results from native Argentine's dedication to quality and innovation.

Atamisqui honey is derived from Capparis atamisquea, native to Argentina. This plant species is found only in temperate regions of South America, such as Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay.

The Atamisqui is an autochthonous shrub that flowers in November. During this month, the delightful aroma of these flowers scent the entire mountain range where the plants thrive. The collection process takes place on the southern side of the Andes Mountains, in the Great American Chaco eco-region, where they use hive boxes made of wood that is covered with wax to keep them warm. They collect honey from the comb after it has dried out. The rainforest honey is then carefully filtered and bottled.

In addition to being a medicinal plant, this tree also produces delicious fruits. When harvested, these fruits exude sweet syrup. This syrup is then mixed with bee pollen collected at the base of the plants to make honey.

Atamisqui honey is highly appreciated in Argentina and the rest of the world for its exquisite aroma, taste, and medicinal and culinary properties.

The beekeepers of Atamisqui are dedicated to providing you with honey that is as pure as possible, they do not use antibiotics or chemical fertilizers during the production process. They also take care to maintain their hives in natural conditions, so the honey always has all of its beneficial properties intact.

Atamisqui honey is a product of Argentina, but it's also a symbol of the country's long history of beekeeping traditions and practices.

Honey has been an important food source for many cultures throughout history. Rich in nutrients, honey has a wide variety of anti-microbial and biological properties beneficial to health. Pharmaceutical research has shown that Atamisqui honey is high in antioxidants and may provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

How can you best pair Atamisqui honey?

With a bold and unique flavor, Atamisqui honey has many culinary applications. This honey goes exceptionally well paired with cheeses and meats on a charcuterie board. Atamisqui honey is also a perfect addition to any breakfast, dessert, or tea. For an extra exciting culinary application, try using Atamisqui honey in your next cocktail as a  healthier simple syrup replacement. For more culinary inspiration, head to www.worldclass.com/recipes

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