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Nobuo Fukuda

Chef Nobuo Fukuda

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Nobuo found his love for traditional Asian food early on. Read on about Nobuo Fukuda.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Nobuo found his love for traditional Asian food early on. He traveled to the United States in 1980 to begin his career in the culinary industry. After working at Benihana and various sushi bars for a decade, Nobuo decided to make a change to learn more about wine and western style cooking through his time at Hapa. A few years later, Food and Wine Magazine named Nobuo one of the top 10 best new chefs. In 2007, Nobuo was awarded a James Beard award for Best Chef in the Southwest. Following this accomplishment, Nobuo's Teeter House serving traditional style sushi was born. Now, Nobuo continues with his love for Japanese cuisine serving as WorldClass’ Japanese Product Manager.

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Why choose WorldClass? - At World Class our focus is quality over quantity. Through every step of the process from sourcing to importing to delivering, quality is always our first concern. World Class products are sourced sustainably, serve the greater good and are better for you than most traditional products found in your local grocery store or favorite restaurant.

How are you more sustainable? -We source only the best products from each country we visit. The sustainability factor comes from the way each product is curated start to finish. From the process in which a product is grown/raised, to the way it is farmed/fished/picked, to the steps to bring it to your table. We are careful in each step of the process to ensure that our products are always working toward the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

What does your distribution process look like start to finish? - We handle the distribution from start to finish, which sets us apart from others. Other suppliers’ normal chain of distribution starts with a producer then gets handed to a broker, from there the products go to importer, which then goes to distribution and finally the chef. We are different because instead of having so many various hands in the product, we are the only hands in the process which eliminates waste, helps us to be in control of the quality of the product, and ensures that we are being as sustainable and ethical as possible.

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