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At WorldClass, we are on a mission to discover sustainable, ethical, and delicious products from around the world. With full traceability, each specially curated product of ours arrives with a seal of approval that means something to our chefs that prepare the products, and our customers who consume them. We believe in supporting small businesses and local farmers, while also giving back to communities where our products come from.

Argentine Beef with Chimichurri

Founded by John Bergman, Co-Founder & CEO and Devin Dvorak, Co-Founder & COO, we are dedicated to discovering hidden treasures from around the world that are both sustainably and ethically produced.

To us, the way a product is made is just as important as the way it tastes.

When you know where your product comes from, you can make more informed decisions to maximize quality, freshness, and nutritional value while maintaining integrity. We are committed to making sure all of our clients have that same level of confidence in their experience with us.

Here at WorldClass, we are a product first company that scours the globe for unique products to share with America. To find these products, we go on extensive treasure hunts, immersing ourselves in foreign cultures, testing products, and working with producers and chefs in the area.

Portuguese Coast

We start by submerging ourselves in a new culture and learning as much as possible about what can be found there. Then, we work with local producers to source products of the highest quality like sustainably sourced octopus from Portugal, Gaucho raised beef from Argentina, even caviar from Uruguay. From there, we test these products with many different world-renowned chefs, this includes Michelin star chefs and James Beard award winning chefs.

John Bergman and Devin Dvorak

“What started as unique experiences that John and I shared with friends has transformed into a vision to discover the best of each country’s offerings that we get to share with people in America.” Devin Dvorak, Co-Founder & COO.

Currently, we have visited and discovered hidden treasures from four countries: Argentina, Chile, Portugal, and Uruguay. We are working on adding our fifth country; Japan, to the line-up, and eventually plan on being in least 24 countries.

Nobuo Fukuda, a Japanese James Beard Award winning chef, and our Japanese Product Manager is in Japan now finding hidden treasures to share with America. Nobuo is hoping to bring back meats, wagyu, eggs, saki, and new Japanese culinary technology for the American market.

Nobuo Fukuda Creating a WorldClass Masterpiece

“I love the act of treasure hunting, getting to travel, and fully dedicating myself to finding the utmost quality products” Nobuo Fukuda, WorldClass Japanese Product Manager.

Right now, you can find WorldClass products in restaurants, but we will soon expand our business to sell our sustainable product line directly to consumers. The difference has already been made in our local culinary community through introducing restaurants like Chico Malo, The Mick, and Pa’la to new, unique, and sustainable food products to serve in their restaurants and we want to be able to continue that around America.

We are excited to have to opportunity to share all these hidden treasures with those who might’ve not had an opportunity before. We are looking forward to the future and sharing our passion with the world!

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Why choose WorldClass? - At World Class our focus is quality over quantity. Through every step of the process from sourcing to importing to delivering, quality is always our first concern. World Class products are sourced sustainably, serve the greater good and are better for you than most traditional products found in your local grocery store or favorite restaurant.

How are you more sustainable? -We source only the best products from each country we visit. The sustainability factor comes from the way each product is curated start to finish. From the process in which a product is grown/raised, to the way it is farmed/fished/picked, to the steps to bring it to your table. We are careful in each step of the process to ensure that our products are always working toward the pursuit of global environmental sustainability.

What does your distribution process look like start to finish? - We handle the distribution from start to finish, which sets us apart from others. Other suppliers’ normal chain of distribution starts with a producer then gets handed to a broker, from there the products go to importer, which then goes to distribution and finally the chef. We are different because instead of having so many various hands in the product, we are the only hands in the process which eliminates waste, helps us to be in control of the quality of the product, and ensures that we are being as sustainable and ethical as possible.

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